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Wonderful Water Lilies
Customer's Pictures and Comments

Customer's Pictures and Comments


I can't tell you how tickled I am to have found you and your waterlily enterprise. I so enjoyed meeting you and seeing your
beautiful place.

The water lily is just what my pond needed. Even the fish like it.  They swirl up against and over the leaves. And like
magic, the water has cleared up.

Thus far my little turtle hasn't bothered the lily at all.  He does slide up a little on the leaves to get a better look at what I'm
serving for breakfast.  I realize that as he gets larger, that may change. I'm keeping an eye on him.

Thanks so much for taking time with me last Saturday. You've awakened a new appreciation for yet another part of nature.

Carolyn Clark

This pond and house will be on the Design Network.  Plants came from Wonderful Water Lilies.

An anonymous customer's new pond with plants from Wonderful Water Lilies.  This house and pond were featured on the cover of Sarasota Magazine, Oct. 2014.


Eileen wrote, "I am still marveling at the beauty and vigorous growth of the lily purchased from you."

Cindi wrote: We love our "Tina" water lily!  She has been blooming her heart out! We have recently had something eating the leaves off and seems to carry them away.  This morning a blossom was bitten off and just lying there.  The plant is in a half-barrel type garden pond.  We are thinking it is a racoon or perhaps a squirrel.  Do you have any advice on the matter?  We were able to make it to the Lily Festival, it was beautiful.  We also got some good ideas for future lilies and other water plants.
Thank you,

Response:  It is probably squirrels.  We had a similar problem and had to move the water lilies away from the edge of the pond until the squirrels gave up trying to reach them.

These are Wood's Blue Goddess water lilies planted in three gallon pots the spring of 2010 in a 3 acre pond.   The leaves in the center of each colony do not float on the water because new plants came up in the pot.

The same pond but in another area.  Notice how nicely the purple pickerel in the back ground complements the blue of the water lilies.

Bob's pond with new plants.  The black dye was added to hide the pots.  March, 2012



Dear Marilyn,

The lotus and waterlily I bought from you last year did wonderfully. Neither went dormant, however, and 'Tina' actually bloomed all winter despite the cold. The lotus got down to leaves about the size of a half-dollar or silver dollar, but is now making bigger leaves. Should I repot or just start fertilizing again?

Answer: Begin fertilizing the lotus when they have aerial leaves.


N. gigantea

Marilyn,I'm constantly amazed by the awesome selection of your lilies, especially the tropicals.  What's even better is that you can explain the differences between them all and recommend which would be best for my conditions.  I was especially nervous about being able to grow the Australian water lily (gigantea) so you'll be proud to see what your little lily turned into.

Thanks for your knowledge, encouragement, and terrific customer service.


Dear Marilyn Eigsti; I wanted you to know that the water lily  that you sent to me  in May is beautiful. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. 
Ramsey Kraft
PS:  We met at Selby Garden Sale the last two years.



“My water lilies are absolutely beautiful!”  Thank you, Marilyn for your knowledge and long term commitment  to growing strong, healthy plants. Your selection and intriguing variety of water plants are just what I was looking for!!

Karen Stewart, Nokomis, FL

 Crinum Meneheune


 Acrosticum  danaefolium 



July 11, 2011
Just wanted to let you know I loved the Water Lily Festival.  Looking forward to the Lotus Festival.  My lilies I got from you are doing great as well as the bulbs I purchased from the vendors you had there. 

Thanks for what you do.

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